Ati Negar Ferdous Ltd, was established in 2006 as a trade and consulting firm. Main areas of activities of the company has been: Advertising, Marketing, Sales, and Distribution.

Having utilise its competitive advantages in these areas, Ati Negar has been able to develop its commercial activities in all over the country of Iran using its state-of-the-art capillary sales network.

In the field of export, import, and branding, the company has achieved remarkable results.

Up-to-date sales methods and best strategies, have enabled us to win the trust of the industry, locally and globally. That is why our domestic and international clients trust that they can receive best customer services from us.

The company's qualified teams with proven track records of success in negotiating and their thorough knowledge of advertising, sales, after-sales service, warehousing, and marketing clearly show that our strategic goal is to satisfy our customers to the highest level, as we believe that a sustainable success can be only achieved in a win-win environment.