Ati Negar Ferdous Ltd is an experienced company that brings a personal touch to all its dealings with clients in the import, export and distribution sectors.

We believe at the point of sale, most of buying decisions are made.

That's why we give a priority to ensure that the brands and products we represent get the best of sale exposure, in terms of product presentation, visibility, and dominance.

We help our customers to purchase suitable advertising space and services, thus enabling our business partners to maximise the effectiveness of their advertising budgets.

If you want to purchasing a product , you can use our state-of-the-art infrastructure, efficient processes and high-quality services that ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness.

We can help you with, delivery forecasting and monitoring, merchandise ordering, quality control, returns management and ensuring goods are traceable throughout the supply chain.

Our commercial activities in all over the country of Iran with capillary sales network is done by 300 distributor, Plus 20 after sales service Center support.

This ensures that deliveries can be carried out on a daily basis and to the highest possible service standards. Our business partner enjoy all the benefits of the efficient and highly cost cost-effective distribution services we offer.

We support our business partners by providing them with detailed local market insights on the basis of which we make specific recommendations.

These services help you to target effort and investment on those areas with the greatest potential for growth.

We guarantee efficient and reliable warehousing. We own warehouses across the country.

Our warehousing services are notable for ample storage capacity which can be extended flexibly as and when required with a internal and external logistics service providers.